Edit Smart Folders


Once a Smart Folder has been created, it is updated with the latest information (collected messages and attachments) every time the user clicks and opens the Smart Folder. Note that when a user edits a Smart Folder, no emails and/or attachments are deleted or removed from My Archive. The associated emails and/or attachments with the Smart Folder would still be available in the All Mail folder if they were not to match anymore the new Smart Folder criteria.

        1. Click on the Smart Folder you want to edit.

        2. You will see a red "X" and a "pen" logo on the right of the Smart Folder. Click on the "pen" to start editing the Smart Folder.

        3. Modify your Smart Folder. You can modify everything about your folder, from the title to the folder associated with your Smart Folder.

        4. Once you are done editing your Smart Folder, click on "Save Smart Folder" to save your modifications.

        5. You will see your edited Smart Folder displayed below the "Smart Folder" root folder and the results (in the right-hand reading pane) will also automatically update.