Creating Smart Folders


Creating Smart Folders is a very easy task. It is almost the same process as creating an advanced search given that a Smart Folder is basically a saved search or a filter that you apply on your My Archive.

        1. Click on the "+" sign next to the "Smart Folder" root folder.

        2. Give the Smart Folder a unique name.

        3. Populate the Smart Folder fields (See advanced search to see all the search options available to you) with the desired criteria to create the filter defining which messages will go into the Smart Folder.

        4. Click "Save Smart Folder" to save and create your Smart Folder.

You will see your new Smart Folder displayed below the "Smart Folder" root folder.

    * From there, you can either edit or delete the folder.
    * It is worth noting that every time you will access a Smart Folder, its contents will be updated meaning that if some messages (and their attachments), matching the Smart Folder criteria, have been collected since the last time you opened the folder, they will be automatically updated and categorized in the matching Smart Folder.