My Archive allows you to browse through both your personal archived emails and attachments. My Archive is broken down into three main areas:

        * The (upper) viewing pane displaying the information related the messages and attachments.
        * The (lower) reading pane displaying the messages or attachment-related email headers and body text. 
        * The left-hand pane displaying the default folders and personal Smart Folders.

Sceenshot - My Archive three main areas


My Archive allows you to switch between the "Messages" and "Attachments" views. This means that if you want to search, forward, or download a particular attachment, you should switch to the "Attachments" view. You would switch back to the "Messages" view in case your are looking for a specific email.

To switch back and forth between the "Messages" and "Attachments", simply click on the two tabs placed at the top of My Archive, as illustrated below.

Screenshot - My Archive "Messages" view

Screenshot - My Archive "Attachments" view

Video - My Archive Demo