Welcome to My Archive Help Center!

My Archive allows you to browse through both your personal archived emails and attachments.

Pleaseclick here to access the most-up-to date End User (My Archive) guide.

Video - My Archive Demo

What can you do from here?

From the My Archive page you can perform several actions:
        * Get a quick overview of My Archive
        * Quickly search your personal archive.
        * Perform an advanced search on your personal archive.
        * Sort the displayed messages and attachments.
        * Adjust the way you want to view your emails and attachments.
        * Work with your folders and Smart Folders.
        * Forward emails and attachments out of the archive back to your personal mailbox.
        * Download archived emails.
        * Download archived attachments.
        * Recover an email and/or attachment to your mailbox.
        * Manage your personal settings.
        * Add an additional email address to be archived.
        * Configure My Archive Outlook integration.