Folders & Smart Folders


My Archive displays three different folders by default which can help you access specific email categories quicker than browsing through your entire personal mailbox. My Archive default folders are:
        * All Mail, which loads by default when you open My Archive
        * All Recieved
        * All Sent

A fourth folder, named INBOX, is only activated for GroupWise users. This folder is the equivalent of folder replication for GroupWise users. Under this folder, your personal GroupWise mailbox folders will be replicated in My Archive for improved usability.

Screenhot - Folders


End users have access to Smart Folders. The root folder, named "Smart Folders" is always displayed and allow end users to create Smart Folders that will appear as sub-folders below the "Smart Folders" folder. Basically, a Smart Folder is nothing more complicated than a saved search or a filter that a user applies on his My Archive.

        * Learn how to create a Smart Folder.
        * Learn how to edit a Smart Folder.
        * Learn how to delete a Smart Folder.

Screenshot - Smart Folders