Exchange Folder Synchronization


*** Only if you have Exchange Folder Synchronization enabled ***

Prerequisite - Your account owner or administrator must subscribe to and configure Exchange folder synchronization for you to be able see your folder structure replicated in My Archive.

My Archive now offers you to capability to synchronize and replicate your Microsoft Exchange folder structure within My Archive. You have two different ways to synchronize your folders:
        1. On-demand synchronization - You manually initiate a synchronization from the My Archive interface.
        2. Nightly synchronization - My Archive automatically synchronizes and updates your folder structure every night.

The Exchange folder synchronization has the following capability:
        * Can synchronize and display the folder structure from multiple Microsoft Exchange email addresses within your My Archive.
        * Can synchronize and display at least 100 folders for one given email address (independent from nested folders).
        * Can synchronize and display at least 5 level of nested folders.

Screenshot - Exchange Folder Synchronization Overview


The first and most obvious way to synchronize your folders is the (manual) on-demand Exchange folder synchronization. When you log into My Archive, follow these steps:

        1. Initiate the on-demand folder synchronization by clicking on the "two-arrow" button on the left-hand pane next to the "Synchronized Folders" root folder.

        2. Wait until the spinning circle stops.

        3. If the synchronization is successful, your current Exchange folder structure will be displayed below the "Synchronized Folders" root folder on the left-hand pane.

        4. If the synchronization fails, you will see a red dot indicating you that My Archive could not synchronize your Exchange folders. In this case, please contact your administrator so that he can take the appropriate steps.


The nightly synchronization will not run by itself if you do not enable it in the first place. My Archive will only synchronize "active" Exchange folder sync end users. This is a very easy and quick process to do. Basically, you have to manually perform an on-demand folder synchronization (see above) to activate the automatic folder sync.

Once you perform the first successful on-demand Exchange folder synchronization, this will activate your nightly folder sync that will run automatically every 24 hours.