Download an Attachment


My Archive allows you to download attachment only, and not the email that is related to it. If you want to download an attachment-related email, please refer to download a message.

In order to download any attachment related to an email, follow these steps:
        1. Go to either the "Messages" or "Attachments" view.
        2. Locate the attachment(s) you are looking for. Refer to the quick search or advanced search page to efficiently retrieve your desired email or attachment.
        3. Click on the message containing the desired attachment or the attachment itself in the upper viewing pane so that it is highlighted. If you are on the "Attachments" view and click on an attachment, it will open the email related to the attachment in the lower reading pane.
        4. Click on the hyperlinked attachment's name in the headers field in the lower reading pane.
        5. The download will start right away in your browser.

The attachment will be available in your browser or downloaded files right upon completion in its native/original format.

Screenshot - Download an attachment