Export Timing and Status Updates


        There are three stages an export goes through during the export process, and two export exception statuses.
    The standard export stages are as follows: 
        1.  Queued:  
            The requested export has been queued for processing.  User will receive email notification.
        2. Processing:
            The requested export is being created.
        3. Ready:
            The requested export is now complete and available for download. User will receive notification if the notification flag was checked                         during the export process.

    The export exception statuses are as follows:
        * Contact Support:
            The system was unable to automatically complete the requested export. Both the user and support will receive notification.
        * Exceeds Size Limits:
            During processing, the system discovered that the export exceeded the 3.5 GB (20GB for files) export size limitation. The user will                             receive notification.


            How long should an export take?

                Exports should process in less than four hours.  

            What are the export size requirements?
Messages: Exports must contain less than 15,000 messages and 3.5 GB of data.                  Learn how to break up large exports here.

            How do I know if the system was unable to complete an export?
‘Contact Support’ will display under ‘Status’ on the export page if the system was unable to complete the export.  The user will also                         receive an email notification.

            Why was the system unable to complete my export (Why is my export status "Contact Support")?
Exports issues are generally the result of corrupt messages in the archive.

            What should I do if an export has failed?
For urgent exports, feel free the contact support for immediate assistance. In any event, support is automatically notified of export                         issues and strives to address the issues within one business day.

            How do I verify the export data integrity?
After downloading the export file(s), you can verify the integrity of your data by performing an MD5 checksum validation using the hash                 that is listed below the export file name.