Working With Search Lists

Search lists

You can create system-wide lists of pre-defined terms that can be used in the search process.

Those lists can be especially useful when using the Wizard search feature, and can also be used with the Random search feature. Instead of having to rewrite an extensive list of terms that are often used for searches, create search lists that can be used as many times as desired and will save you a precious amount of time.

    * Click on Create new list to start. Create a name for the search list and populate the "Words" field (don't forget to use a "," between the terms). Once you are done creating the search list, click Create to finish the process and create the search list. There is no need to use ("...") when including phrases, a simple (,) will be enough to separate one phrase from another.

    * To make some edits to an already created search list, click Edit on the right of the desired search list to start editing it.

    * To delete an already created search list, click Delete on the right of the desired list.

Screenshot - Search Lists

    Screenshot - Create a Search List

Video - How to create and use search list