Creating an Export


The archive system allows you to export your search results after you created a search. Different data sets can be exported for a given search. Search Admin (Plus) and Search Users (based on their permissions) can export the following data from the search views page:
        * All search results
        * Tagged search results
        * Results placed on Legal Hold
        * Filtered search results
In order to perform an export, follow these steps:
        1. from the search results page, click on "Export My Results". This will take you to the search views page.

Screenshot - Search Results - Export My Results

        2. Select the desired export format:
                * For messages and attachments: PST/NSF, File (eml), Text, PDF, or HTML.
                * For files: Native format (word, excel, powerpoint, etc).

        3. (OPTIONAL) Include a note going along with the export request.

        4. (OPTIONAL) Select the checkbox to be notified by email upon export's completion. Once you receive the confirmation email acknowledging the completion of the export, you will be prompted to authenticate before being able to download the export.

        5. Click on EXPORT to complete the export request and queue the export.

Screenshot - Exports page - Create an export for messages

Screenshot - Exports page - Create an export for files

             6. You will see a green notification acknowledging that the export request has been successfully created.

        7. Click on "exports for this search" to access the export.

Screenshot - Exports page - Export request notice

             8. This will take you to the search "EXPORTS" page allowing you to view the export that has been created and its status.

        9. Click on the hyperlinked export name to download the export (available only, and only if, the status says "Ready"). You will need to refresh the "EXPORTS" page to see the status update (from queued, to processing, to ready).

TIP: It is worth noting that as soon as you created the export (step 5), the export will also be available from the search Dashboard page. You will also be able to download the export from the search Dashboard by clicking on its name (as long as the status is "Ready").

Screenshot - Exports page - Review export status