Working with search results


Add comments to individual message and file to keep notes available between sessions and for others to see.

    1. Click on the Add comment hyperlink below the tags.
    2. Write your comment in the blank box.
    3. Click on the Add Comment button to save your comment so that other users having access to this search can view the comment.

Screenshot - Commenting

Once the comment has been saved for an individual message or file, other users, having access to this search, can view the number of comments that have been left per message right next to the COMMENTS field. 

In order to view to comment, click on the COMMENTS (1) ("1" being the number of comments created for a specific message or file) field and the saved comment(s) will be displayed below.

From there, the comment can be either Edited or Deleted at the search user convenience. It is worth noting that any action performed on a comment will be saved, accessible, and downloadable from the search audit page.

Screenshot - Saved comment

Note: If you want to add comments at the "search" level, please click here to access to search views help page.

Video - New Search and Search Results - Commenting