Search Alerting


Search Alert are designed to automatically send email alerts to archive user when needed, based on their previously saved searches. Search Alerts are designed to bring visibility into the archive without requiring archive users to login and actively search for data. The proactive nature of this tool is to offer a hands-off experience where users can be alerted on based on any predefined condition: keywords, email addresses, search lists, SSN, credit card number, etc.

Search Alerts can be created with any search type: simple, advanced, wizard, and custom search. It is important to keep in mind that once a Search Alert is enabled for a search, the 'change scope' option will not be available anymore for Search Users from the 'Permissions' drop down. However, Search Users will be able to be assigned 'access' and 'export' privileges.

Search Administrator (and Search Administrator Plus) now have the ability to create Search Alerts, which are based on saved searches and their result set. One search alert can be created for every saved search. The Search Admin only has to execute the following steps:

       1. Enable 'Search Alerting' for the desired search.

       2. Select an interval for the notification: daily, weekly, or monthly.

       3. Choose one or more recipient(s): himself, Search Admins, Search Admin Plus, or Search Users.

       4. Save the search and wait for the next email notification.

An email notification will be triggered and sent to the designated recipient(s) based on the defined interval. The Search Alert notification will only be sent if new results matching the search conditions have detected since the last alert. Once upon hitting the set interval, the email notification will contain the following information:

       1. Search name.

       2. Total number of search results.

       3. Number of new results since the last search alert notification went out.

       4. Direct link to search results for review.



Is there a limit on the amount of Search Alerts I can create?

Yes. You can create only ONE alert per saved search. But you can create Search Alerts for any search that has been saved.

Is there a limit on the number of search results I can be alerted on?

Yes. A search can contain up to 1 million results for Search Alerts to work. Above 1 million, the Search Alert will be automatically disabled after the recipient(s) have been notified by email. However, all the alert recipient(s) will receive an initial notification when the result count reaches 950,000 messages. The Search Alert field will be greyed out if you access a search that already contains over 1 million results.

Who can use it?

Search Administrators and Search Administrators Plus can create, modify, or disable Search Alert. For individual searches, Administrators can assign Change Scope permission to a Search User. The Search User can then modify that search as needed.

Who can receive an email notification?

The creator of the alert, Search Admins, Search Admin Plus, and Search Users can receive email notifications for specific search alerts. This is tailored to each unique Search Alert. 

Which email does the notification goes to?

Every Search Alert email notification will be sent to the primary email address that is recorded for the archive user.

How can Search Alerts be turned off?

There are several ways that a Search Alert can be turned off. Here are all the options:

       1. If a search is deleted - and has an active Search Alert - the user deleting the search will be notified through the user interface that the Search Alert will be cancelled and no further email notification will go out to previous recipient(s) with the deletion of the search. It will be his responsibility to inform the recipient(s) of the Search Alert.

       2. The easiest way to disable a search alert is to do from the search 'edit' page. Only SAs and SAPlus can disable a Search Alert by clicking on the "Disable Search Alerting on this search" button. This will remove the Search Alert from the given search and no further email notification will be sent to the alert recipient(s). It is the SA/SAPlus responsibility to inform the former recipients of the Search Alert.

       3. When the search results count reaches 1 million messages. As explained above in "Is there a limit on the number of search results I can be alerted on?", this will automatically cancel the Search Alert. 

Is any of the activity going on around Search Alerts is logged or audited?

Yes. Search Alerts activities are logged and made available in two different places in the archiving account. The first one being the 'Audit' log available for every saved search and the second being the 'Reports' available to Search Admin Plus. The following information is logged and available from the audit log available from the 'Search' tab next to every saved search:
       - Search alert creation (with details around recipient(s) and selected interval)
       - Search alert modification (with details around recipient(s) and selected interval)
       - Search alert deletion
       - Search alert notification sent (with details around recipient(s) and total search result message count)

The following information is logged and available from reports log available under the 'Reports' tab:
       - SearchAlertCreation
       - SearchAlertDeletion
       - SearchAlertModification