Enable Email Forwarding Restriction(s)


This feature allows the Account Owner or Administrator more granular control over forwarding permissions by restricting WHO has the ability to forward archived e-mails and to WHOM. By default, forwarding is permitted for all archive user roles (Search Admin Plus, Search Admin, Search User, and End User) to any recipient, including outside of your organization(s) (as defined in your account settings). Enabling this feature in the Account tab enables the "E-mail Forwarding Restriction" tab under SETTINGS, which allows detailed configuration according to role and/or domain.
The feature must be enabled for your account by your archiving provider, and may represent a change to your subscription. Contact your archiving provider to enable this feature and discuss service options.

How do you enable the 'email forwarding restrictions'?

    1. Login as the Account Owner and go to the ACCOUNT tab.
    2. Select "Enable Compliance Edition." The selection "Enable E-mail Forwarding Restriction" should appear. If you do not see "Enable Compliance Edition," contact your archiving provider to verify that this feature is active.
    3. Select "Enable E-mail Forwarding Restriction."

    4. Save your account settings by clicking "Update account" at the bottom of the page.
    5. A new tab under SETTINGS, called "E-mail Forwarding Restriction" will be displayed under SETTINGS. This tab contains granular permission settings for the e-mail forwarding function.

How do you configure the email forwarding restrictions?

Once you are done enabling the feature, you can limit WHO can forward e-mails out of the archive to WHOM by restricting permissions according to role and account domains. From the "E-mail Forwarding Restriction" tab under the SETTINGS page, you have the following options: