Retention Policies


The archive service allows you to set an Email Retention Policy which will purge items from your archive older than a specified age (defined in years and month). Any items on Legal Hold will NOT be removed regardless of the retention policy. Only the Account Owner (AO) role is entitled to make changes to the retention policy.

The Email Retention Policy will act based on the email received date and NOT the email archival or sent date.

    1. Select Enable Retention Policy to define a retention time frame.

    2. Define a desired number of Years and Months to retain your data.

NOTE: 1 month is considered to be 30 days and 1 year is considered to be 365 days.

    3. Click Update to save your retention policy.

An email notification will be sent to all Account Owner and Search Admin Plus users to notify them of the policy change. No action is required from them. The policy will become effective immediately.

Screenshot - Retention Policies