Import Tasks


It's easy to load your existing data into the archive. This system allows you to coordinate with an Archive Service Data Import Specialist to manage the full "end to end" process.


How do you create an import job?

    1. Go to the "IMPORT" tab in the administration section of the archive.
    2. Click the "Create Import Task" button at the top right of the page.
    3. Fill out the blank fields with the required information
            * Provide your name (first and last).
            * Provide your telephone number.
            * Provide your email address
            * Provide your company name and complete address.
            * Give a description for the import task.
            * Indicate if individual files are larger than 5GB and if files are encrypted.

When you are done populating the fields, click on "Submit Import Task" at the bottom of the page to save your information and start the import process.

What happen when you are done creating the import task?

A Data Import Specialist will contact you to verify the details.

Then, the process consist in copying your files to a portable disk drive and express shipping the drive to a processing facility. The Archive Service will then import the files from the portable hard disk(s).

What is the Task ID?

The Task ID is the internal unique ID which is assigned to your import task.

What is the Job ID?

The Job ID is the external unique ID used by the Archive Service to track your physical media.

Job status:

There are several status that apply to the import task along side the import process:
        * "Waiting to begin" - indicates that your import task has been created and a team member will contact you about the next steps.
        * "Media shipped" - tells you to expect a package with disk drives so that you can upload your data.
        * "Media received" - means the Archive Service received your return package with the loaded drives.
        * "Importing to archive" - means the data is being imported and indexed.
        * "Completed" - means the data is available for search in the archive system.
        * "Cancelled" - means the job was cancelled before completion due to an unexpected issue.

Screenshot - Import tasks

Screenshot - Create an import task