End User Access Rules


The End User Access Rules is an area where an administrator can control what email addresses and domains will be allowed or denied when users are defining their registered email address(es).

How do you manage end user access rules?

    1. Go to the "SETTINGS" tab in the Admin section of the archive.
    2. Click the "End User Access Rules" tab under the "SETTINGS" tab.
    3. Populate the "Allow rules" and "Deny rules" fields with the desired email addresses.
    4. Click on "Update" at the bottom of the page to save your modifications and update the end user access rules settings.

TIP: If you want to allow or deny access to an entire domain (e.g., @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com etc), use the following wildcard syntax: *@yourdomain.com.

How do you allow end users to self-register?

Once you are done managing your end user access rules and have saved the desired settings, you must provide your end users with a special URL to allow them to self register. The URL the administrator must provide to end users must be in the form:


Screenshot - End User Access Rules