Registering and Managing Domains for the Archive Application


The archive service has a facility for you to record the domain(s) that you are performing archiving for. The purpose will be to provide future reporting statistics within the service.

Enablement of the feature is accomplished via sign-up of the archiving services, can be applied to the individual account by the AO role user or for the OEM's and Partners managing customers accounts via an API call if REST API integration has been accomplished.

Registering your domain through your Archive Portal

The ACCOUNT tab is the location for the domain registration. Logon to the individual archive account, navigate to Admin -> Accounts. Scroll down the page until you locate 'My Domains and Organizations'.

Enter your domain, select the 'Add' to provide additional domains. Once complete, press the 'Update Account' button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Please refer to the 'Administrator Guide' to register the domains via REST API integration.