Configure Your Kerio MailServer for Archiving

Kerio MailServer Configuration

Kerio MailServer provides flexible options for email archiving. The journaling of emails for archiving can be stored locally on the mail server or forwarded to an external email address. The archive service supports both methods. SMTP collection will capture, index, and archiving emails up to 75MB in size by default.

Step 1 - Kerio MailServer Archiving and Backup Administration

Whether you choose to use the archive service SMTP option or the POP3 collector option, we recommend choosing the archive to a remote email address. In the case of SMTP collection, you can enable SMTP on your archive Account tab and copy and paste your remote SMTP collector address into your Kerio Archiving administration screen.

Account - Options - Enable SMTP integration

Collector - SMTP unique address

When working with the POP3 collection option, we recommend creating an archiving mailbox on your Kerio MailServer and directing the Archiving emails to that address. We do not support the collection of messages from sub-folders within the Kerio "Archive Folders" within the admin mailbox.

Relevant data points:

Below is an extract from the latest (at time of editing) Kerio Connect Admin guide (that can be accessed here):

* Archiving

Kerio Connect can store copies of all messages (or only messages sent to the Internet) in special archiving folders or re-send them to another SMTP server. This makes it possible to keep archived email from a situation where it would be necessary to look up a particular message or deleted messages (these can be reused by using so called email recovery which can be set in the domain settings - for details, see chapter 7.4 in the Kerio guide). 

To configure backups, go to the Archiving tab under Configuration --> Archiving and Backup (see below)

* Enable mail archiving

This option enables/disables mail archiving. If archiving is enabled and appropriate parameters are set on the Archiving tab, an archive folder with a name derived of the interval in which folders are created (daily, weekly, monthly) is created when the first message is delivered. The interval also can be set on the tab.

Anytime Kerio Connect is restarted, a new archive folder is created (upon receiving the first message). Then, the archiving cycle follows settings defined on the Archiving section.

* Path to the archive directory

The full path to the archive directory (in accordance with conventions of the operating system on which Kerio Connect is running). By technical reasons, it is necessary to locate the archiving directory locally (i.e. on the server where Kerio Connect is running).

Enter the path in the text field or select it upon clicking on Select Folder...

Step 2 - Archive to Remote Email Address

Email will be re-sent to this remote email address. The remote address you will use is available within your Archive account, under the Collectors tab. Click on Edit next to collector's status and take a copy of the email address string near the top. This is your unique address specific to your account. You will also be required to include your mail server IP address(es) that the service will expect to receive email from.

Collectors - Edit collector

Collector - Edit collector

We recommend that you avoid journaling a local copy, as it is likely that these would become unmanageable with a short period of time.

It is important that your refer to the vendor/software manufacturers documentation relevant to your version of mail server at all times. We provide this information without warranty of liability.