Configure Your Ipswitch iMail Environment

The IMail Server has new Archiving options located at Web Administration > System > System Settings. There are two possible archiving settings when using a Third Party Solution.

1. Create a new mailbox that will be used to collect the copied messages. Name the mailbox "archivebox" for this exercise. Note the password set for this mailbox, since you will need it later in the configuration process.
2. Open the SMTP Security Options screen.
3. Enable the Copy to Mail Address option in the SMTP Security Options screen. Enter the full address for the "archivebox" - i.e. for the address.

When Copy to Mail Address is enabled, a copy of every message is saved to the "archivebox" mailbox. The hosted data collector will fetch the messages during the next processing cycle.

If you want to fork the mail to more than one mailbox, create an alias and use the alias address for the Copy to Mail Address. Then add the specific mailbox names (archive1, archive2, etc.) to the alias group. All the mailboxes will receive the messages.