Account Settings


The account screen is where you manage core account settings. Only the account owner (AO) has access to this page.


Site Name

The archive system uses the site name to uniquely identify each customer and to create a unique login URL to access the application. You can use any site name you choose, as long as it has not been used by another customer. If you change your site name, the name is released and can be used by another customer. Remember to tell your users the URL is different if the site name changes.

Account Name

Enter a display name that will appear in the user interface. This name can be any value, and will only appear in your account. No other customers see this information.

Account Owner

The current account owner (AO) can designate another admin user as the owner. The current AO will be logged out after this change is saved. The Account Owner is the only user that can access the Account tab through the administration dashboard. There can be only one AO per account.

Time Zone

You can adjust the time zone to automatically adjust the time displayed for search users and end users. Please be aware that end users can overwrite the time set up by the admin and set up their own time zone in their personal settings.


The archive allows you to register your domain(s) that you are performing archiving for. The purpose will be to provide future reporting statistics within the service. Click here to learn more about domains and how to register them.

Screenshot - Account Setup


Subscription Status and Payments

From there, you can view several details regarding your account:
        * Status: view your account status.
        * Customer since: view how long you have been using the archive.
        * Renewal date: view when your renewal is due.
        * Payment status: view your payment status as well as access your payment history.
        * Organization type: choose between commercial, non-profit, education, and government.
        * Organization users: the number of archive users.

Subscription Information - Extras

You can add additional services to your base subscription.

1. Historical collection - Your base subscription includes unlimited storage on a going forward-basis. Also included in the base subscription is archiving the last thirty days for each mailbox. Historical collection allows you to upload your legacy archives.

2. Data migration - Migration services help you consolidate your existing archives from PST, NSF, MBOX formats. Contact support for details on how to get started.

3. Global Raid - Multiple copies - Your base subscription includes storage at multiple physically separated data centers within your region. Global Raid adds four additional data centers for extra protection and replication outside your geographic region (e.g., European stored data being replicated to data centers within the United States).

4. End user access enabled - Indicates whether or not the access has been enabled for My Archive. In case the end user access is enabled, end users are able to access and search their personal archived messages in "My Archive".

For file archiving customers, two extra fields are displayed:

5. File Archiving Enabled - Yes or No, depending on whether or not you decided to sign up for File Archiving.

6. File Storage Allocation - the amount of file storage space that is currently allocated to your organization.

Screenshot - Subscription


Subscription Information - Options

*** Note: some of the options might not be available to you according to your mail platform or the services you subscribe too.

        * Enable POP3 integration - Enables specific configuration settings that only apply to customers that use Exchange, or POP3 server (this is for Notes, iMail, SunOne, Zimbra, Kerio, Scalix, etc).

        * Enable SMTP integration - Enables SMTP Collection options. This method of collection may not be compatible with your email platform. Contact support for additional information.

        * Enable NSF Integration - Enables specific configuration settings that only apply to customers that use LotusLive.

        * Enable Physical Media and S3 Imports - Enables drag-and-drop import from the Import section in the archive.

        * Enable Lync IM Integration - (If Lync instant messages are enabled) Enables integration for Lync instant messages.

        * Enable compliance edition - Enables random search, search alerts and Email Forwarding Restriction.

        * Enable End User Access to the archive (required for LDAP authentication) - Displays the LDAP configuration page under Settings and allows end users to access their personal archive.

        * Enable End User Access to the archive for demo users - Enables a demo user to log on to the My Archive portal.

        * Enable Outlook Client integration - Enables your archiving service to integrate within your Outlook email client.

Password expires in xxx days - You can specify a number of days after which your current password will become obsolete and will require to setup a new password. Leaving it blank or set at 0, means that your password will never expire.

Intrusion lock - The archive service allows for the setting of a maximum number of wrong passwords before locking a user's account for a specified period of time or until reactivated by the Account Administrator. You have 5 settings available for this feature: either off or on 3, 5, 7 or 10 bad passwords. 

Account lock for - You have the ability to choose the amount of time for which you choose an account to be locked, if the intrusion lock limit has been overcome. You have 4 settings available for this feature: either indefinite, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.

Screenshot - Options

Video - How to give End User access


You can upload your company logo if you want to make your corporate logo appear on the dashboard and login screen. The logo must be less than 200 pixels wide and in PNG or JPEG format.

Screenshot - Use you own logo


Enter the correct information for billing. This can be the same person as the account owner, or a different person. The billing contact does not need to have a user account. This information is solely used for billing purposes.

Screenshot - Billing information